The Crowject

#36 - Crows Exposed

July 22, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, the calamity of Friday night has angered us. Not much else to say other than knowing the Crows have been exposed... but we have a YUGE podcast for you including:

▶️ @PressBoxEP host, FiveAA Sports Show Producer & AFL Director Sam Tugwell joins us as a special cohost!

▶️ Hard-hitting analysis of our game against the Bombers

▶️ A huge Beau's Bake!

▶️ Who needs to go out of the team this week

▶️ YUGE feedback from our amazing listeners

▶️ R18 General Discussion

▶️ Creamy's Calls

▶️ All the news you can handle

▶️ Race To The Bottom

▶️ All-Time Best 22

▶️ What's Got To Go

▶️ Hard-hitting analysis of our YUGE clash against the Blues at the MCG this Saturday!

▶️ Round 19 tips

▶️ Q&A with our amazing listeners!

▶️ Who has the best takeaway chicken


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