The Crowject

#39 - Dissolving Saints, Discussing Pizza & Distracted Cream

August 6, 2019

Well last week it was a debacle... but we won this week! So all is good right.... right?!

We have a YUGE podcast for you, including

▶️ Hard-hitting analysis of our game versus the Saints

▶️ Feedback from our amazing listeners!

▶️ Round 20 review

▶️ Creamy's Calls

▶️ All the news!

▶️ All Time Best 22

▶️ 2020 list management discussion

▶️ A new segment: S**t or not s**t

▶️ Preview of our YUGE clash against West Coast

▶️ R21 General Discussion + tips

▶️ Cream watching cricket


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