The Crowject

#10 - Giddy Down From The Round 1 Fizzer

March 27, 2019

Giddy Down From The Round 1 Fizzer

After Episode 9 was about Cream giving us the giddy up, Episode 10 is where we give our hard-hitting analysis over getting the giddy down with our collective soul destroyed against the Hawks at Adelaide Oval. After sinking a few bevvies at our sponsors, The Bunker Sports Bar & Grill we turn the flamethrower to everything Round 1, including:

  • Full Round 1 Review
  • Go The Early Crow! Our complete 2019 predictions based off of the Round 1 performance
  • Individual player reviews
  • Potential ins and outs

Part 2 of our recording will be coming out very soon!


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